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Why service your vehicle?

Servicing your vehicle is carried out for the purpose of prolonging the life of your vehicle. Along with an annual mandatory MOT, servicing is long term that is recommended by us as experts in the Automotive Industry every 12 months. Although not compulsory, regular servicing can minimise potential problems escalating such as; engine malfunction, tyre wear and damaged brake pads.

How often should you service your car or van?

Express Fit Autocentres recommend an annual (every 12 months) service to keep your car or van in good functioning condition. Servicing helps to maintain vehicle roadworthiness and can improve safety whilst driving.

Benefits of servicing your vehicle

Increases the saving power – Just think will you be saving money by postponing or deterring away from a service? Regular servicing enables us to identify problems within early stages that could in future become quite expensive to resolve. For example, diagnosing an ECU (An Engine Control Unit that retrieves data from the sensors within the vehicle, by managing engine electronics so that vehicle functions) sensor fault, could mean eliminating the severity of vehicle dysfunction and on top that the cost of an entirely new unit.

Maintains the value of your auto on wheels – Is your car in saleable condition? And will you get a better return on your investement? Over time your car or van devalues, this is due to vehicle wear and tear. However, regular servicing is a solution that comes to light, for instance, as long as your car or van is inspected on a routine basis, we at Express Fit Autocentres will provide you with a verified history of servicing maintenance – which is more appealing to potential buyers when they are looking to purchase a vehicle, assisting in a possible quicker sale and a better return on your investment.

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