Servicing FAQ’s

There’s not a standard change interval for cambelts.

Express fit recommends that you contact us so we can inform you of your Cambelt recommended change interval, as it differs depending on vehicle brand. The recommended interval can be anywhere between 30,000 miles and 100,000 miles. There will often be a time-based interval specified to 60,000 miles or five years.

In our experience but not in all cases, cambelt failure results in serious damage to many other components in the engine – a major rebuild or even a replacement engine might be required!

Express Fit is an independent garage and has access to manufacturer’s technical data, including; details of the manufacturer’s service times and schedules and operations which we provided with your service.

Express Fit states that since October 2003, You are not obliged to get the car serviced by a franchise dealer during the warranty period.

You must though get it serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and criteria using only manufacturer approved parts.

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