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Free Clutch Check

The clutch is an essential component that enables you to; change gear to adapt to the speed of your vehicle when accelerating, comply with speed limits on the road and reduce speed to manoeuvre and prevent obstacles.

Normally a clutch releases smoothly in both directions. If your clutches starts to feel harder as you press down, realising isn’t as easy as normal, or noticing some small jerks then there could be a problem with your clutch.  Sounds like cogs running against each other, or grinding noises may also indicate it’s time to get it looked over by a professional at Express Fit for a free Clutch Check.

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A free clutch check may be the answer to potential clutch problems. Our comprehensive check covers thorough inspection on the clutch system to identify any faults. A report will be generated by our qualified technicians with over 20 years experience, who will provide details of the clutch’s condition and price quotations if repairs or replacements are required.


If your vehicles clutch needs replacing we will always give you a quote before we start any work. We can also show the problem part before we fix the issue. At Express Fit we can assure that we only use the highest quality parts, and we will only ever use OE spec parts. This means they will meet or exceed the original standard set by the manufacturer. This will also come with a guarantee of 12,000miles, or 12 months.

Clutch repairs or a clutch replacement are a real hassle, and whenever such an emergency arises a source of major expense and disruption to your routine while your vehicle is off the road. Here at Express Fit we understand the hassle, and are here to help. We offer a Buy Now Pay Later scheme. With Payment Assist, this means you can pay 25% of the bill on the day, then pay the rest over 3 monthly payments. If this is something that interests you, then you can speak to a member of staff at your local branch.

Prices from just £380.00

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