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Free Battery Check

The battery is like a central organ within your vehicle’s system and without it, let’s just say travelling to your destination won’t be on your to do list. Years ago when you vehicle’s battery failed it was a simple task to change the battery and reset radio codes and time.

With the increase of vehicle technology and advanced mechanical structures, maintaining a healthy battery is imperative. In car entertainment such as navigation sat-navs, air conditioning and digital music systems, increase the strain on your vehicle’s battery life. As a result, starting your motor increases the load on the electrical systems which can cause the voltage to drop below average. A decreased in the voltage can trigger issues with the sensors and ECU systems installed within vehicles.

Common signs of battery failure

  •    Your vehicle fails to start
  •    The battery warning light illuminates red on the dashboard whilst driving
  •    Your vehicle degenerates losing its function to charge

What does a free battery check involve?

We recommend regular check-ups to maintain the battery and functionality of your vehicle’s system.  If you are doubt about your vehicle’s battery, please do not hesitate to call into your local Express Fit Autocentre, for a free battery check. A battery check could be the remedy of all solutions to save your battery’s life before a fatal beginning such as a breakdown.  A full report will be generated to outline the condition of your vehicle’s battery, highlighting any works to be doctored.

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