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Our up to date, state of the art diagnostic technology, has the ability to retrieve fault codes on various aspects of your vehicle providing real time data to resolve any issues sourced. Diagnostic technology also has the capacity to connect to the vehicle’s ECU (Engine, Control, Unit) memory to access codes and diagnose hindrances found.  

Diagnostic Faults

There are many diagnostic fault codes that can only be read by diagnostics equipment and software to understand the cause. The sooner codes are distinguished the sooner we can provide you with solutions. Here are just a few issues our diagnostic software can detect which will generally show on the dashboard;

  • Air bag faults which can cause problems with releasing the safety airbag 
  • Battery failure which indicates that your vehicle cannot drive longer than necessary increasing the risk of breakdowns
  • Engine malfunction meaning there is a potential electrical problem
  • Blockages of soot or dirt in the diesel particulate filter
  • Low levels of oil that require a refill

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