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Diagnostics Overview

With the aid of our expertise in diagnostic software, we can identify any faults with a car or van before it escalates. When a warning light illuminates on your dashboard whilst driving, this could be an indication of malfunctioned vehicle components. We offer a Free Health check for your car. 

Dashboard warning light overview

  • Red warning lights are in need of urgent attention which could indicate a serious vehicle malfunction.
  • Orange or yellow warning lights shown, suggest that repairs or servicing are required to the engine or mechanical components.
  • Flashing warning lights are usually an indication that your vehicle’s components need repairing or replacing.
  • Green or blue warning lights illuminate when your vehicle’s system is in full operation.

Our up to date, state of the art diagnostic technology, has the ability to retrieve fault codes on various aspects of your vehicle providing real time data to resolve any issues sourced. Diagnostic technology also has the capacity to connect to the vehicle’s ECU (Engine, Control, Unit) memory to access codes and diagnose hindrances found.

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Our competitive diagnostic quote from £29 offers you efficient coding and programming than other diagnostic software and equipment from dealerships.

The programming of diagnostic coding and functions provide; fault code reading and reset, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) procedures, real time reading of data, engine idle adjustment, immobiliser alignment, engine and transmission modules and procedures for fitting a car and key memory for personalisation. We are specialists in diagnosing vehicles including; SEAT, PEUGEOT, Land Rover, MINI, Audi, Mercedes Benz and many more.

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