Common Brake Faults

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When braking you may not realise that one or more of your components could potentially be damaged.

Here are the common brake faults to look out for:

If there is a problem with your braking system a warning light will illuminate on the dashboard whilst driving. Look out for the brake fluid, handbrake and ABS (Anti-locking Braking System) warning light, this could mean your vehicle has low brake fluid or there is a fault with the braking system.  If these warning lights are shown take your vehicle in for a free brake check at your local Express Fit Autocentre.

Spongy brakes, pulling to left or right when braking and poor performance when braking are the common effects of low brake fluid levels. Low brake fluid levels can happen if there are existing leaks in the system which can be dangerous when braking becomes impaired. Low levels of brake fluid can affect normal braking distances and reduce road safety. More information is available on brake fluid change.

Noises when braking i.e. scraping, squeaking and rubbing is triggered by worn braking components, if this is not seen, braking failure may increase, costing more to fix the problem.

Vibration when braking can occur for numerous reasons, such as worn brake pads and excessive oil, dirt or other substances contaminating the mechanisms.

The hand brake should be applied so that it prevents your vehicle from rolling when stationary. If however, your handbrake does not function in this way, there may be a fault in the braking system that needs repairing.

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For your safety as well as others on the road book, a free brake check at your local Express Fit Autocentre.

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