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What is Brake Fluid and why is it important?

Brake fluid is a lubricant. This is generated when pressure from your foot is applied to the brake pedal onto the disc and wheel assembly. This mechanical process decreases the speed of the vehicle to allow it to stop safely.

Common problems with Brake Fluid

Whenever you apply the brake, heat is emitted particularly during excessive braking and emergency braking. Brake fluid can only function in the form of liquid, however, the heat generated can process the liquid into vapour which can affect the braking system from working effectively. The absorption of moisture in the hoses and joints are common triggers of brake fluid corrosion. Dirt and other residue build up over time in the brake fluid, which decreases the ability to lubricate mechanical components such as the rubber seals and hoses.

Low levels of brake fluid generally mean that your brake pads are worn and require replacements. There are however, other causes of low levels of brake fluid such as, leaks which can dramatically effect your braking performance. For example, in this circumstance, when you apply your foot on the brake, the pedal will lose tension and drop to the bottom of the surface, preventing your car from stopping. 

Brake Fluid Routine Servicing from £39

At Express Fit Autocentres, our expert technicians will check the condition of your brake fluid, for the purpose of diagnosing faults that need repairing. If you realise your brake fluid, handbrake or ABS warning light are illuminating whilst driving, do not hesitate to attend your local Express Fit Autocentre. We will carry out a free brake check to report any issues before proceeding with repairs.

To maintain the longevity and improve the functionality of brakes, brake fluid should be changed at least once every 2 years on most cars, and we will always check the manufacturers recommendations.

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