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Brakes Overview

Brake Safety 

Brake pads, discs, shoes and pipes are essential brake components your vehicle requires. Brakes play an important role in allowing your motor to stop and slow down safely at junctions, when emergency braking or unavoidable situations.

As Express Fit Autocentres, we strive to assure your brakes are in top condition. In doing so we offer a range of services to meet the needs of your vehicle, including;

A free brake check, brake fluid change from £39 and new brakes from £99.

We Recommend

If you’re experiencing poor performance, slow braking or noises when braking, we recommend a free brake check. Our experienced technicians will guide you on what braking components will be suitable for your vehicle if replacements are required.

Limit those pound signs! Remember it’s better to be on the safer side and minimize the risk of malfunction to brake components. More information can be found on common brake faults.

Our Guarantee

As your safety is important to us, we guarantee to only fit original and branded equipment, for performance and reliability of brakes on all makes and models. All quotes provided will be on the basis of replacing suitable and quality components for your vehicle. All original equipment is engineered and meet all manufacturer specifications. All parts are covered by our 12 month/12,000 miles guarantee.

If there is a problem with your braking system a warning light will illuminate on the dashboard whilst driving. Look out for the brake fluid, handbrake and ABS (Anti-locking Braking System) warning light, this could mean your vehicle has low brake fluid or there is a fault with the braking system.  If these warning lights are shown take your vehicle in for a free brake check at your local Express Fit Autocentre.

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If you feel your brakes need attention please do not hesitate to book a free brake check, yes that’s right the cost is zilch. Common faults with the braking system are spongy brakes, pulling to the left or right when braking, noises such as scraping and squeaking, vibrations and a weak handbrake.

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What is Brake Fluid and why is it important?

Brake fluid is a lubricant that is generated when pressure from your foot is applied to the brake pedal onto the disc and wheel assembly. This mechanical process decreases the speed of the vehicle to allow it to stop safely.

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Frequently asked brake questions answered by Express Fit Autocentres.

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